Education as a Tool for Social Change

The Generous

Cultural exchanges with the rural educators. 

The Sharing

Developing collaborative strategies that will have impact.

The Dedicated

Local educators are open and dedicated to learning new methods.

The Lesson

The integration of art principles with math literacy using the Golden Ratio introduces the proportions of the face.

The Gifted

The students are eager to learn. Many students are exceptionally gifted and grasp the principles quickly.

The Curious

Students in the community schools are curious. The classes are crowded. Those who can’t join the class watch from under the doorways.


Bullying can be socially and emotionally distressing, causing self-harm, physical injury, even death. It increases the risk of anxiety,  depression, lower academic achievement, and dropping out of school. Professor Siegler has been invited as a visiting scholar to work with at risk youth in underserved communities, to professionally develop educators, and to create cross cultural collaborations. Here are moments from her time serving at the Agastaya International Foundation, Kuppam, India

Thank you for your interest in educational initiatives and anti-bullying awareness.